Jens Peder Christensen was born 10-12-1842 in Linkbach Skarril County, Vejle Slata, Denmark. His mother was Kirsten Marie Larsen. He married and had 3 children, Mikkel, Christian and Mrs. Christeen Pedersen who remained in Denmark. He then married Larsine Marie Pedersen born 11-2-1871 in Vejle, Denmark. She was the daughter of Johanne Larsen and Jens Kristian Pedersen. She was baptized on28-1-1872 and confirmed on the first Sunday in December 1885 at Brunt Soren. They came to America on the ship Labrador ( 2nd Class cabin), landing in Portland Maine September 23, 1894. They moved to North Dakota in 1910, then to Nebraska in 1916 and back to Regent, North Dakota. They moved to Yankton, SD in October1931 where they lived with their sons or with their daughter in Huron SD untiltheir deaths. They made their living by farming. Larsine Marie died 19-7-1932 ofcancer at Sacred Heart Hospital in Yankton, SD. Peder died 14-4-1938 at the age of 90 of a cerebral hemorage at the home of his son Chris. Both are buried in the Yankton Cemetary just inside the main gate on Douglas Avenue. To this union were born the following children:


1.       Jens James Christensen, B 7-3-1890, Copenhagen, Denmark  

2.       Christian Egebjerd Christensen, B 20-10-1892, Denmark

3.        Henry Paul Christensen, B 19-11-1894, Portland Maine

4.       Martin Axel (Jack) Christensen, B 19-6-1896, West Falmuth, Maine

5.       Elsie Sophie (Ruth) Christensen Widme, B 26-7-1900, Cumberland, Maine

6.       Harry Peter Christensen, B 14-7-1909, Cumberland, Maine


There were two daughters, Anna and Elsie (?) who died while living in Maine and are buried there. We have no record of their birth dates.




Jens James Christensen was born 7-3-1890 in Denmark. He travelled to America with his parents when he was 4 years old, growing up in Maine and North Dakota until he settled in Yankton, SD where he lived most of his adult life. Agood share of his life he worked in the blacksmith shop with his brother Chris. After WNAX built their big radio tower he used to climb it on a regular basis replacing burned out light bulbs and releasing balloons etc for celebrations. He owned the home where he resided in Yankton. He died 08-10-1968 and is buried in Yankton Cemetary.


Married 1915 Mary Thersia Weisgerber, B. 1888, Div.


A.      Francis Jasper Christensen B.28-11-16, Yankton, SD, D. 28-11-84

B.      Zita Ann Marie Delores Christensen Blackford, B. 12-10-1918, Yankton, SD

C.      Delores Lorraine Christensen, B. 29.12.20, Yankton, SD, D. 13-8-24, Yankton, SD


Married      Dora Deneen, B.         , D. 1938 Yankton, SD


Married 1938 Louise Sichman B.     ,


D.      Sharon Christensen Hlvach, B.       , Yankton, SD                   




Francis Jasper Christensen was born 28-11-16 in Yankton, SD. He moved to Sioux City where he married and lived with his vife until he was killed in a car/train accident 28-11-84.


Married Lorraine?




Zita Ann Marie Delores Christensen Blackford was born 12-10-18 in Yankton, SD. She has lived most of her adult life in Sioux Falls, SD. She and her husband Walt live at 1720 N. Mable Ave. in Sioux Falls Walt worked at Morrells and now is semi retired.


Married 29-10-48 Walter Blackford, B. 23-06-26


a.       Tamela Rose Blackford, B. 23-9-52, Sioux Falls, SD,  D. 13-8-55

b.       Terry Lee Blackford, B. 1-7-54, Sioux Falls, SD

c.        Kandy Kay Blackford Grelle, B. 29-10-55, Sioux Falls, SD

d.       Jimmy Ray Blackford, B. 3-5-57, Sioux Falls, SD

e.        Ginger Ann Blackford Louis, B. 23-3-59, Sioux Falls, SD




Tamela Rose Blackford was born 23-9-52 in Sioux Falls, SD. She had a short life, plagued by many health problems but was dearly loved by her family.




Terry Lee Blackford was born 1-7-54 in Sioux Falls, SD where he grew up. He now lives in Crooks, SD with his wife and family.


Married          , Myrna Hubber.


a.       Beth Ann Blackford, B. 10-12-74

b.       Angela Kay Blackfor, B. 29-1-77

c.         Lance Lee Blackford, B. 14-1-78




Kandy Kay Blackford Grelle was born 29-10-55 in Sioux Falls, SD where she grew up. She now lives in Rockford, IL.


Married 21-12-75 Donald Grelle




Jimmy Ray Blackford was born 5. March 1957 in Sioux Falls, SD where he grew up. Jimmy joined the United States Navy which he is making his career. While serving in the Phillepiens he met his wife. They are now stationed at Long Beach, Calif.


Married 21-12-76, Araceli   ? in the Phillpiens.


a.       Michele Hughes-Groves, B. 8-3-1978 

b.       Edward Blackford, B. 23-7-78 (Eddie)

c.        Jeffrey Blackford, B. 10-4-86




Ginger Ann Blackford Louis was born 23-3-59 in Sioux Falls, Sd where she grew up. She now lives with her husband and family in Jefferson City, MO.


Married 22-6-    James Louis.


a.       Jason Louis, B. 4-1-74

b.       Jennifer Louis, B. - - 85

c.        Benjamin Louis, B - - 86




Delores Lorraine Christensen was born 29-12-20 in Yankton, SD where she spent her short life. She died 13-8-24 and is buried in Yankton Cemetary.




Sharon Christensen Hlavach was born         , in Yankton, SD where she grew up.


Married      Melvin Hlavach


a.       Tammie

b.       Tom




Christian Egebjerg Christensen was born 20-10-92 in Denmark. He traveled to America with his parents and a older brother just before he was two years old. He grew up in Maine and the Dakotas, setteling in Yankton, SD where he lived the rest of his life. He worked as a blacksmith, in later years buying his shop which he ran with the help of his brother Jens. He and his wife owned their own home on the corner of 13th & Burleigh. He died  -6-1974 and he is buried in Yankton Cemetary.


Married 25-1-15 Alta C. Hackett, B. 8-24-1900, D.            .


A.      Clarence E Christensen, B. 25-10-15, Yankton, SD & D. 15-5-84

B.      Johnnie Peter Christensen, B. 9-9-18, Yankton, SD & D. 8-6-85

C.      Myrtle Isabel Christensen, B. 10-28-21, Yankton, SD & D. 21-3-45

D.      Ethel Maxine Christensen Goeden, B. 20-10-24, Yankton, SD

E.       Laura Mae Christens goeden, B. 12-15-27, Yankton, SD

F.       Dorothy Jean Christensen Hudson Anderson, B. 18-10-30, Yankton, SD

G.      Tommy L Christensen, B. 15-1-34, Yankton, SD




Clarence E Christensen was born 25-10-15 in Yankton, SD, where he grew up. After finishing school he worked in a shoe shop in Yankton learning the trade that was to become his life’s profession. He and his wife Marina moveded to Sioux Falls where they purchased their own shoe shop where they worked together. They eventually built a new building on the site that is known as East Side Shoe Repair. Clarence had a great deal of problems with his eyesight which eventually left him blind but didn’t stop him from working. He attended Trinity Lutheran Church in Yankton and East Side Lutheran in Sioux Falls. Clarence and Marina owned their own home in the 200 block of East Cliff Ave. in Sioux Falls. Clarence died 15-5-84 and is buried in Hills of Rest Cemetary in Sioux Falls. SD.


Married 30-6-41 Marina Wubben B. 2-17-16,  D. 10-3-88.


a.       Mavis Kay Christensen Grosz, B. 11-6-44, Sioux Falls, SD

b.       Dennis W. Christensen, B. 20-12-47, Sioux Falls, SD




Mavis Kay Christensen was born 11-6-44 in Sioux Falls, SD where she has lived all her life. She married and lives at 600 S. Jefferson Ave. in Sioux Falls.


Married 26-4-70 Morris P Grosz, B. 16-6-35.


a.       Robert M. Grosz, B. 10-3-76




Dennis W. Christensen was born 20-12-47 in Sioux Falls, SD where he grw up, graduating from Washington High School and going to college. He and his family now live at 4025 S. Cedar Place, Broken Arrow, OK 74012.


Married 23-3-69 Purley A. Buttolph, B. 21-9-48.


a.       Chad E. Christensen, B. 2-1-72

b.       Amy M. Christensen, B. 8-5-75




Johnnie Peter Christensen was born 9-9-18 in Yankton, SD and grew up there.  As a young man he joined the Army when World War II started  serving in Burma among other places. He returned to Yankton after the end of the war but later moved his family to California where he lived until his death on 8-6-85.


Married      , Cleo Bell Folkers,       , Div.


a.        Glenn Dale Christensen, B. 18-7-38.


Married       , Arlene L. Burns, B. 10-6-24, D. 2-1-88          .


a.        Sandra Jean Christensen Hayes Hunter Hennessee, B. 19-6-1947 - D. 27-10-2010 of lung cancer.

b.       Pamela Kay Christensen James Laird, B. 13-11-1951




Glenn Dale Christensen was born 18-7-38, and served in the Military Service.


Married           , Rebecca Whitman, Div.

a.        Glenda Christensen, B.

b.       Stephen Christensen, B.

c.        Johnnie Christensen, B.

Married           , Jane



Married 23-6-65 Alan Hayes, Div.


a.        Diane Hayes Corbett Rodriguez, B. 6-2-66, married Peter Corbet, Div.,

                                     Married 1996, Francisco Rodriguez.                


Married 9-9-67 Jack Hunter, Div.


a.        Julie Hunter, B. 14-10-69

b.       David William Hunter, B. 13-11-71

                                                          aa. David William Hunter, Jr., B. 7-8-2006


Married 1975, Clyde Hennessee, B. 18-10-26, D. 7-10-2005




Pamela Kay Christensen James Laird was born 13-11-51, currently works as a Lecturer of  Native American women, helping her husband in building healing arts ministry and sustainable family farm and is retired teacher and accountant.


Married 27-10-72 Roy James, B. 14-12-47, Div.


a.        Tammy Lee James Wilborn, B.31-1-74, works as an administrative supervisor in Salt Lake City, UT, married 1994, Marcus M. Wilborn, B. 15-4-73, is a small business owner.


        aa. Dejanee Tai Dixon, B. 19-11-90


b.       Tanya Renee James Tatu, B. 9-11-75, works as a successful elderly care provider in Sacramento, CA area., married 7-2000, Jason Constantine Tatu, B. 20-8-79.


aa. Aisha Renee James, B.18-9-92

bb.Chaya Brianne Sanchez, B. 25-5-94

cc. Isaac Levell Lee James, B. 10-1-97

dd. Jasmine Kiara Tatu, B. 26-9-2001

ee. Jason Daniel Tatu, B. 15-4-2005


c.        Roy Anthony James II, B. 3-4-78, works as the youngest multi-crew construction foreman for a large corporation in Sarasota, FL


aa. Jamila Kara James, B. 4-4-95

bb. Javon Marque James, B. 19-6-96

cc. Jenai Myra James, B. 29-12-2002

dd. Jazeree Mitankela James, B. 25-6-2003


d.       Tasha Diane James, B. 16-8-79, works in the nursing profession while pursuing her degree.


aa. Joshua Nathaniel Gibson, Jr., B. 30-10-95
bb. Joziah Demarco Lee, B. 28-11-2012


Married 3-5-1998, James Lee Laird, B. 29-4-50, who is a retired minister and small business man. Is busy working with Pamela to develop a healing arts  ministry and small sustainable family farm.




Myrtle Isabel Christensen was born 10-8-21 in Yankton, SD where she lived all her life. Myrtle suffered with some rather serious health problems and died 21-3-45.




Ethel Maxine Christensen Goeden was born on 20-10-24 in Yankton, SD where she has lived all her life. Ethel is a stockholder in Goeden Construction CO. She has been wife and mother as well as helping in the office of her husbands business. She is a member of Sacred Hearth Catholic Church in Yankton as well as doing a great deal of volunteer work both in her church and the community. Ethel is a member of the antique car club along with her husband.


Married 18-6-42 Joseph F. Goeden, B. 20-3-17, Pres. Of Goeden Construction Co. & World War II Veteran. He died 26-12-2007.


a.       Diana Lee Goeden Shepard, B. 26-10-43

b.       Kent Joseph Goeden, B. 25-1-48

c.        Raymond Lawrence Goeden, B. 9-9-49




Diana Lee Goeden Shepherd was born 26-10-43 in Yankton, SD where she went to school and graduated from Yankton High School. Diane like many children born during World War II didn’t have the chance to met her father until she was about 2 years old since he was four days at sea when she was born. Diana is a school teacher in the Chamberlain, SD school system.


Married 23-4-63 J. Dennis Shepherd, B. 20-3-43, part owner of Dakota Claims Ins. Co.


a.       John Joseph Shepherd, B. 1-12-63, Tyndall, SD

b.       Tamela Kay Shepherd Schwartz, B. 2-8-69, Chamberlain, SD

c.        Billie Joe Shepherd, B. 15-11-79, Mitchell, SD


John Joseph Shepherd was born 1-12-63 in Tyndall, SD. He now works at the Jack & Jill in Chamberlain and is a member of the National Guards.


Tamela Kay Shepherd Schwartz was born 2-8-69 in Chamberlain, SD and is a student at USD in Vermillion, SD.


Married 23-6-90 David M Schwartz, B. 25-1-65, employed at Nutra Flo of Sioux City, Iowa and has served in the Army.


Billie Joe Shepherd was born 15-11-79 in Mitchell, SD and is currently a student in Chamberlain, SD living at home with his parents.




Kent Joseph Goeden was born 25-1-48 in Yankton, SD where he grew up. Kent is in the process of taking over his father’s construction Co. and has his wife Ruby helping him acting as his secretary. He and his wife live in a four bedroom house at 1905 Green Street that they help to build themselves.


Married 12-2-65 Ruby E Doering, B. 17-1-48


a.       Keith Dean Goeden, B. 2-11-66

b.       Rhonda Jo Goeden, B. 19-07-69




Keith Dean Goeden was born 2-11-66 and grew up in Yankton, SD. He is now attending Mankato State College, Mankato, MN. Majoring in Political Science, History & Education. E enjoys reading while listening to the stereo and TV.




Rhonda Jo Goeden was born 19-07-69 and grew up in Yankton, SD. She is attending the school of Mines & Technology in Rapid City, SD and will graduate in 1993 with adegree in Civil Engineering. Rhonda’s family says she is more quiet than her brother and more like her father.




Raymond Lawrence Goeden was born 9-9-49 in Yankton, SD where he grew up. Ray married and lived in St. Helena,NB most of his married life. A few years ago he hurt his back which resulted in surgery that left him with continual pain and making it impossible to continue in his work. Therefor he enrolled in Northeast Technical College and received his degree in Architical Drafting May 1991. He is a stockholder in the Goeden Construction Co. and has served in the National Guards.


Married 1-9-69 Barbara Ann Becker, B. 10-12-49, at Immaculate Conception Church St. Helena, NB. She is head cook at East Catholic school..


a.       Brooks L. Goeden, B. 20-9-70

b.       Travis J. Goeden, B. 17-8-73

c.        Shannon R. Goeden, B. 27-4-76

d.       Trevor M. Goeden, B. 16-6-78

e.        Tasha Ann Goeden, B. 26-11-84




Brooks L. Goeden was born 20-9-70 and is now working as the assistant manager of Frozen and Ddiry at the Save U More.




Travis J. Goeden was born 17-8-73 and is attending school, starting his senior year in the fall of 1991. He is working as a waiter at the Fry n Pan Restaurant.




Shanon R. Goeden was born 17-4-76 and is attending school starting his sophomore year in the fall of 1991. He enjoys participating in track in school.




Trevor M. Goeden was born 16-6-78 and like his brother enjoys track at school. He will be entering 8th grade Sept. 1991.




Tasha Ann Goeden was born 26-11-84 and will start first grade the fall of 1991.




Laura Mae Christensen Goeden was born 12-15-27 in Yankton, SD where she has spent her life.Laura is working as a packer at Gurney’s Seed and Nursery. She has at one time owned her own business as well as being wife and mother.


Married 19-10-42 to Ignatius B. Goeden, B. 22-8-20 who owns his own Blacksmith shop and also a World War II Veteran.


a.       Cynthia Ann Goeden Vollmer, B. 4-2-43, Yankton, SD

b.       Lee Ignatius Goeden, B. 30-5-46, Yankton, SD

c.        Larry Jerome Goeden, B. 10-12-47, Yankton, SD

d.       Bernadette Mae Goeden Hacecky, B. 19-10-49, Yankton, SD

e.        Lorelei Marie Goeden Johnson Hodges, B. 21-6-54, Yankton, SD

f.        David Francis Goeden, B. 11-8-55, Yankton, SD

g.        Michelle Elizabeth Goeden Olszewski, B. 26-12-62, Yankton, SD

h.       Michael Anthony Goeden, B. 4-1-65, Yankton, SD




Cynthia Ann Goeden Vollmer was born 4-2-43 in Yankton, SD and teaches Culinary Arts at the prison in Springfield, SD.


Married 23-4-63 David W. Vollmer, B. 19-6-41, Postmaster at Springfield, SD and served the Military.


a.       Lisa Rene Vollmer Enstrom, B. 20-10-63

b.       Wiliam Lee Vollmer, B. 6-6-65

c.        Terri Ann Vollmer Woods, B. 10-5-67

d.       Kristopher J. Vollmer, B. 27-1-80




Lisa Rene Vollmer Enstrom was born 20-10-63.


Married  27-8-82 Daniel Enstrom


aa.    Mathew John Enstrom, b. 5-7-83

bb.    ?




William Lee Vollmer was born 6-6-65.


Married 27-6-87 Kelly Daub


                             aa. Dana William Vollmer, B. 15-4-88

                             bb. ?




Terri Ann Vollmer Woods was born 10-5-67.


Married 26-4-91 Thomas D. Woods




Lee Ignatius Goeden was born 30-5-46 in Yankton, SD and lives in Utica, SD. He is co-owner/operator of Goeden Blacksmith.




Larry Jerome Goeden was born 10-12-47 in Yankton, SD and now lives in Canton, SD.

He works as a glazier at Wiking Glass.


Married 7-26-71 Marilyn Carlov,     . Div. 1982


                             aa. Melissa Jean Goeden, B. 26-10-72

                             bb. Kristi Lynn Goeden, B. 9-10-76

                             cc. Holly Ann Goeden, B. 13-8-79


Married 26-10-85 Cathy Humphrey, B.     , Histologist LCM in Sioux Falls, SD.


                             aa. Carla Jo Goeden, B. 30-9-86

                             bb. Megan Marie Goeden, B. 2-10-87




Bernadette Goeden Hacecky was born 10-19-49 in Yankton, SD and now lives in Mission Hill, SD. She works as a Stockmen’s Livestock Clerk and as a bookkeeper at Goeden Blacksmith.


Married 10-12-68 David Hacecky, B.      , who farms at Mission Hill,SD.


                             aa. Dustin Lee Hacecky, B. 11-4-78

                             bb. Bret John Hacecky, B. 19-4-82

                             cc. Tyler Frank Hacecky, B. 6-10-84




Lorelei Goeden was born 6-21-54 in Yankton, SD. Due to health problems she is disabled.


Married 19-7-75 Gordon Johnson, Div. 26-4-82.


                             aa. Aaron Miguel Johnson, B. 27-12-76, D. 12-3-77


Married 4-6-82 Michael Hodges, Div. 14-1-91


                             aa. Jo Lynn Marie Hodges, B. 16-11-82




David Francis Goeden was born 11-8-55 in Yankton, SD and lives there yet, working as a welder at Goeden Blacksmith.




Michelle Elizabeth Goeden Olszewski was born 26-12-62 in Yankton, SD. She is a staff accountant for Sovereing Imports, Inc. in Holland, IL where she lives with her family.


Married 25-8-87 Kenneth Olszewski, B. 18-4-63, works as a assistant foreman for Gurtler Chemical of So. Holland, IL.


                             aa. Lexie Goeden, B. 6-8-79

                             bb. Jonathan Olszewski, B. 18-1-88




Michael Anthony Goeden was born 4-1-65 in Yankton, SD and now works as a lineman


Married 12-3-88 Theresa Hill, B.      .


                             aa. Cassandra Dee Goeden, B. 28-12-88

                             bb Chelsea Goeden, B. 18-1-91




Dorothy Jean Christensen Hudson Anderson was born 18-10-30 in Yankton, SD where she still lives. She has raised her family and worked outside her home as well.


Married                   , Elwood Hudson


                             aa. Christian Hudson, B. 23-1-48, Independence, KS

                             bb. Michael Hudson, B. 10-5-51, Wichta, KS


Married 25-5-52, Ray M. Anderson, B. 23-8-16, Retired.


                              cc. Charlene Anderson Schmadeke, B. 20-6-53, Yankton, SD

                             dd. Leroy Anderson, B. 30-5-55, Yankton, SD

                             ee. Dean Anderson, B. 10-9-56, Yankton, SD

                             ff. Vertus Anderson, B. 30-1-1958, Yankton, SD

                             gg. Cynthia Anderson Graham, B. 28-9-65, Yankton, SD




Christian Hudson  was born 23-1-48 in Independence, KS. He grew up in Yankton, SD where he and his family are now liwing. He is Disabled.


Married 31-7-71, Bonnie Feilmier, B.        , in Catholic Church of Hartington, NB and she works at Dale Electric.


                             aa. Jennifer Hudson, B. 20-7-72




Michael Hudson was born 10-5-51 in Wichita, KS and now lives in Gayville, SD.


Married 6-5-72 Julie Horton B.     , at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Yankton, SD




Charlene Anderson Schmadeke was born 20-6-53 in Yankton, SD and now lives with her husband and family in Colby, KS. She works as an Lab. Tech.


Married  20-7-74, Dave Schmadeke in St. John’s Lutheran Church, Yankton, SD and works for the schools in Colby, KS.


                             aa. Tracy Schmadeke, b. 3-1-75

                             bb. Jared Schmadeke, b. 6-1-82




Leroy Anderson was born 30-5-55 in Yankton, SD and is now a farmer. Served in Army.


Married 27-4-74, Ladonna Scheiffer, B. 23-4-?


                             aa. Aliscia Anderson, B. 4-1-75

                             bb. Leroy II Anderson, B. 2-11-76

                             cc. Jeff Anderson, B. 1-3-84

                             dd. Dustin Anderson, B. 1-12-87




Dean Anderson was born 10-9-56 in Yankton, SD and now works as a partsman at Gregg Morters. Dean has served in the National Guard.


Married 1-5-82 Cheryl Sparby, B. 21-12-60


                             aa. Tara Anderson, B. 16-2-85, Yankton, SD

                             bb. Katie Anderson, B. 29-3-89, Yankton, SD



Vertus Anderson was born 30-1-58 in Yankton, SD and works as a Pharmists.


Married 19-5-79 Carol Brozih, B. 25-9-58 of Cedar Rapids, IA at St. John’s Lutheran Church.


                             aa. Joshua Anderson, B. 14-4-81, Brookings, SD

                             bb. Sara Anderson, B. 22-7-83

                             cc. Matthew Anderson, B. 12-7-86




Cynthia Anderson Graham was born 29-9-65 in Yankton, SD and now lives in Alexandria, SD. She is a nurse.


Married Michael Graham 6-8-88 at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Yankton, SD. He owns his own business.




Tommy L. Christensen was born 15-1-34 in Yankton, SD where he grew up and finished school. He with his family moved to California wher he now lives at 5471 Holland Ave. in 92845 Garden Grove, CA


Married 1953 Delores Remington, B. 12-1-35, Yankton, SD.


                             aa. Rebecca Lynn Christensen Savage Arnold, B. 4-1-54, Yankton

                             bb. Katherine L. Christensen, B. 5-2-56, Yankton, SD

                             cc. Roberta Lee Christensen Faxas, B. 19-2-62

                             dd. Christine Marie Christensen Rice Bills, B. 23-1-66, Westmin., CA




Rebecca Lynn Christensen Savage Arnold was born 4-1-56 in Yankton, SD and moved to California with her family at an early age.


Married Earl Savage, now deceased.


Married Philip Edward Arnold, B.        . Div.


                             aa. Rachael Christine Arnold, B. 14-4-75, West Covina, CA

                             bb. Jennifer Lynn Arnold, B. 12-10-?, Westminster, CA


Married Lester Seligman, B. ?-9-55, works in construction work.


                             cc. Sarah Anne Seligmann, B. 21-3-88, Fontana, CA



Rachel Christine Arnold Stolo is married to David Stolo and they reside in Rancho Cucamunga, CA. They have 3 daughter’s together.


                             aaa. Kaitlin Marie Stolo, 8 years old

                             bbb. Sophia Rose Stolo, 5 years old

                             ccc. Nicholette Stolo, nearly 2 years old




Jennifer Lynn Arnold Sala B. 12-10-1977. Jennifer has two son’s from previous relationship.


                             aaa. Ty Saben Burch, B. 12-8-1996

                             bbb. Jonathan Lane Burch, B. 1-11-1998


Married 18-11-2000 Steven Michael Sala, B. 15-9-1977, Steven is a United States Marine and is currently stationed at Camp Pendleton, CA. They have triplets together.


                             aaa. Angelina Lynn Sala, B. 2-3-2006

                             bbb. Isabella Christine Sala, B. 2-3-2006

                             ccc. Vincent Jay Sala, B. 2-3-2006




Katherine Lucille Christensen was born 5-2-56 in Yankton, SD and moved with her family to California at an early age.





Roberta Lee Christensen Faxas was born 19-2-62 in Westminster, CA


Married           , Artiles Faxas, B. 20-11-56 in Cuba and now serving the US Navy.


                             aa. Artiles Faxas, B. 5-11-79, Long Beach, CA




Christine Marie Christensen Rice Bills was born 23-1-66 in Westminster, CA.


Married            , Steven Rice, Div.


                             aa. Jane Francis Rice, B. 10-11-83, Los Alamitis, CA


Married Rory Bills, B.      .


                             aa. Justina Marie Bills, b. 8-4-89, Garden Grove, CA




Henry Paul Christensen was born 19-11-1894 in Portland; ME shortly after his parents arrived in the United States. He moved  with his family when they came to the Dakotas. He married and lived in the St. Helena, NB and Yankton, SD area working  to build bridges including the one across the Missouri at Yankton. In 1930 he moved his family to St. Charles, MO and then back to St. Helena, NB in 1932 as he followed jobs that were available to him. In 1936 he moved his family to the Portland, OR area where he spent the remainder of his life. He died 3-6-64 of cancer of the pancreas and is buried in th Willamette National Cemetary in Portland, OR. He was a Veteran.


Married 24-12-19 Ruth Gertrude Randall in Yankton, SD, B. 30-6-1900. D. 17-3-78 and is buried next to her husband in Willamette Nitional Cemetary.


                             a. Norma Maxine Christensen Lee, B. 8-7-20

                             b. Donald Paul Christensen, B. 26-2-22

                             c. Beulah Marie Christensen Carr, B. 19-9-24




Norma Maxine Christensen Lee was born 8-7-20 prematurely at St. Helena, NB. And grew up in Yankton and Nebraska. She went to the Green Island School and Yankton High School. She moved with her family as they moved about ending in Oregon. After she married she and her husband were berry farmers along with his job at Standard Oil Co. In 1956 she went to work for the school district as District Clerk were she worked for 30 years retiring in 1986. She lives at 33522 SE DoyleRoad, Estacada, OR 97023 where she has lived for 43 years.


Married 10-7-39 Thomas Edward Lee, B. 21-8-12, D. 12-8-88 from heart problems.


                             aa. George Paul Lee, B. 23-11-40, Estacada, OR

                             bb. Marcia Ann Lee, B. 24-1-43, Portland, OR

                             cc. Charlotte Eileen Lee Hilton, B. 16-5-47, Portland, OR




George Paul Lee was born 2-11-40 in Estacada, OR and now lives with his wife in Battleground, WA.


Married Bernadette Proudfit on 26-11-59


                             aaa. Curtis Allan Lee, B. 2-1-60, Portland, OR

bbb. Debra Lynn Lee Levanen, B. 7-9-64, Portland, OR.
Married 29-8-87 John Lee Levanen and lives in Seattle, WA.




Marcia Ann Lee Delaney was born 24-1-43 in Portland, OR.


Married 3-5-69 Thomas Michael Delaney, Jr.


                             aaa. Michael Edward Delaney, B. 14-9-65 and lives in Milwaukie, OR

                             bbb. Thomas Patrick Lee, B. 29-1-70. Portland, OR.




Charlotte Eileen Lee Hilton was born 16-5-47 in Portland, OR and lives ther now where she works in an office.


Married 11-2-67 Ronald LeRoy Hilton


                             aaa. Tamara Elizabeth Hilton, B. 24-8-67, Portland, OR

                             bbb. Aaron Ronald Hilton, B. 10-12-73, Portland, OR


Tamara Elizabeth Hilton Hart


                             aaaa. Ryan Michael Hart, B. 25-7-88, Newberg, OR




Donald Paul Christensen was born 26-2-22 in Yankton, SD where he lived part of his growing up years. He too, attended Green Island School and moved with his family as his father followed areas of work. He moved along with the family to Oregon. He later married and  raised a family. He drowned 3-5-85 at St. Helens, OR.


Married 15-5-40 Ruby Wiebe.


                             a. Marilyn Joyce Christensen

                             b. Donna Mae Christensen

                             c. Priscilla Jean Christensen

                             d. Alana Susan Christensen




Buelah M. Christensen Buser Carr was born 19-9-24 and grew up with her family as they moved finally ending in Oregon. She married and lived in Estacada, OR. At one time she worked in a nursing home for 9 years breaking her ankle and retiring. She now lives at 2578 Table Rock Rd. 25 in Medford, OR 97501.


Married 1941 Clarence Buser, B.       , D. 1960, World War II Veteran. Died of cancer and buried in Estacada, OR.


                             aa. Raymond Buser, B. 1-3-43, Portland, OR

                             bb. Linda Buser, B 21-7-47, D. 1986, Portland, OR

                             cc. Janelle Buser, B. 20-7-58, Portland, OR


Married Mr. Carr, Div.


                             aa. Dale Carr, B. 5-12-62

                             bb. Rebecca Carr, B. 13-8-64, Ellensburg, Wash.




Raymond Buser married in OK


                             aaa. Janet Buser ( has one daughter/ Buelah's Great Granddaughter).

                             bbb. Laurie Buser




Linda Buser married to a Canadian in 1970 and died of cancer in 1986.


                             aaa. Ginger        , 16 years old.




Lives at home with mother,




Married in Ashland, OR in 1987, now divorced.




Becky married in 1986 and is now divorced.


                             aaa. Christopher            , B. ?-5-88

                             bbb. Sara            , B. ?-5-90




Martin Axel (Jack) Christensen was born 19-6-96 in West Falmuth, ME and then moved to the Dakotas with his parents and family in 1910. He served in World War I (1914-1918) at which time he was shell shocked and gased which was to cause him health problems all the rest of his life. When he returned he married and settled in Yankton, SD where he lived the rest of his life.He owned several lots and hauses on the corner of 11 th & Burleigh where he and his family resided. He worked as a butcher for first Donaldson’s Grocery store and later Cimple’s Packing Co which took over Donaldson’s. He died 9-8-62 in the Veteran’s Hospital in Sioux Falls, SD and was buried in Yankton Cemetary along with his wife who died several years later. Jack’s brother Harry later married Jack’s wife’s sister so that their children are double cousins.


Married Lillie Henrietta Garnsey on 30-3-27, B. 22-10-1897, D.      . They were married at the Methodist Church in Yankton, SD.


                             a. Joe Allen Christensen, B. 24-1-28

                             b. Ida Rose Christensen Bartunek, B. 12-3-31

                             c. Doris June Christensen Davies, B. 30-6-32

                             d. Ray Martin Christensen, B. 25-2-34

                             e. Mary Lillie Christensen, Stillborn 5-11-38




Joe Allen Christensen was born in Yankton, SD 24-128 and lived there all the years he was growing up and going to school. Joe has moved around over the years and lost touch with his family.


Married and divorced: Blach, Arlene, Jackie,? He had several children but no one knows how many or where they are.




Ida Rose Christensen Bartunek was born 12-3-31 in Yankton, SD where she grew up with her family and attended school. A few years after Ida and her husband married they moved to Wichita, KS also living in Belle Plain township and Mulvane, KS. In 1969 they moved to Lafayette, CO and then in 1974 to Tucson, Ariz. They now live at 6369 S. Dorado Circle in Tucson, AZ 85746.


Married 25-7-48 Wilbur R. Bartunek in Yankton, SD, worked as a tool & Die Maker for over 40 years retiring from Hughes Aircraft Co. in 1988


                             aa. Roger L. Bartunek, B. 12-4-49, Yankton, SD

                             bb. Ruth Ann Bartunek Harkins, B. 2-6-50, Yankton, SD

                             cc. Roy Dean Bartunek, B. 10-8-53, D. 9-5-67




Roger L. Bartunek was born 12-4-49 in Yankton, SD. He moved to Kansas with his parents when he was about two, growing up there and graduating from school there. He married and lives with his family in Coshocton, OH.


Married 28-6-75 Kathy E Dinger.


                             aa. Patience L. Bartunek, B. 8-6-78

                             bb. Jacob L. Bartunek, B. 12-1-80

                             cc. Abram C. Bartunek, B. 6-6-82




Ruth Ann Bartunek Harkins was born 2-6-50 in Yankton, SD and moved to Kansas with her parents while still a baby. She grew up and graduated from school in Kansas. She is married and with her family lives in Garden Plain, KS.


Married 8-4-72 Henry D. Harkins.


                             aa. Christopher A. Harkins, B. 2-3-74

                             bb. Valerie J. Harkins, B. 6-12-81

                             cc. Gabriel L. Harkins, B. 3-11-83

                             dd. April L. Harkins, B. 22-2-85, Adopted 23-4-90

                             ee. Dennis J. Harkins, B. 1-5-90




Doris June Christensen Davies was born 30-6-32 in Yankton, SD where she grew up and went to school. Doris met and married her husband in Yankton. They later moved to California after their two eldest children were born. She now lives with her daughter Shelly at 9332 VanNuys Blvd. #52, Panorama City, CA 91402.


Married 19-7-47 Carl Edward Davies, B. 15-1-22, Wagner, SD and D. 28-1-83 in Panorama City, CA. Served in activated National Guard.


                             a. Debora Lynn Davies Compean, B. 26-10-55, Vermillion, SD

                             b. Lisa Suzanne Davies Garcia, B. 6-2-57, Yankton, SD

                             c. Rochelle Ann Davies Petchumrus, B. 12-11-59, Los Angeles, CA

                             d. Marty Carl Davies, B. 12-6-62, Santa Monica, CA




Debora Lynn Davies Compean was born 26-10-55 during a blizzard in Vermillion, SD. She grew up in West Los Angeles where she went to school. She spent from June 1974 to April 1976 in the Philippines where her ex-husband was stationed in the Navy, living in the city of Manila. She and her family now live at 725 Birchleaf Drive, Anaheim, CA 92804.


Married 12-4-86 Felipe Jose Compean, B. 22-1-53, East Los Angeles,CA.


                             aa. Michael Anthony Compean, B. 15-3-73, West Los Angeles, CA.

                             bb. Marquis Angelo Pulido, B. 2-8-75, Manila, Philippines




Lisa Suzanne Davies Garcia was born 6-2-57 in Yankton, SD and then moved with her family to California at an early age. She grew up in West Los Angeles where she went to school. She and her family now live at 4328 Cogswell Rd., El Monte, CA 91732.


Married to Mario Ranola Garcia, B. 14-10-48, Manila, Philippines


                             aa. Nicole Renee Garcia, B. 20-12-83, West Los Angeles, CA

                             bb. Kevin David Garcia, B. 19-1-86, West Los Angeles, CA




Rochelle Ann (Shelly) Davies Petchumrus was born 12-11-59 in Los Angeles, CA where she grew up and attended school. She and her family now live at 9362 Van Nuys Blvd. #52 in Panorama City, CA 91402.


Married 14-2-76 Patchurn Petchumrus, B. 27-4-45, Thepha District, Thailand.


                             aa. Narin Petchumrus, B. 21-7-88

                             bb. Narissa Petchumrus, B. 27-8-90




Marty Carl Davies was born 12-6-62 in Santa Monica, CA. He grew up in West Los Angeles where he went to school. He currently lives at 9464 Willowbrook RD, Westminster, CA 926833 and is engaged to be married.




Ray Martin Christensen was born 25-2-34 in Yankton, SD where he grew up and attended school. He married and lived in Yankton, SD, near Wakonda and Sioux Falls, SD. After marrying a second time he moved to California and the family has lost touch with him.


Married        -54 Virginia Van Zitteren, Div. 1958.


                             aa. Ben Ray Christensen, B. 23-12-54

                             bb. Myla Mae Christensen Richarz, B. 23-11-55, D. 10-152-89 (TWINS)

                             cc. Marlys Kay ChristensenThompson, B. 23-11-55                   (TWINS)




Ben Ray Christensen was born in Yankton, SD and then moved to Sioux Falls with his parents at an early age. Attended school in Sioux Falls and joined the Marines in 1972. Was released from Marines in 1974. He now lives with his wife at 120 S. Sverdrup, Jackson, Minn. 56143.


Married 1973, Debra Cilbert, Div. 1974.


                             aa. Ben Ray Christensen, Jr. B. 29-1-74, D. 23-8-76


Married 8-3-75 Sheri Tellinghusen, Div. 12-85


                             aa. Sara Lynn Christensen, B. 2-6-76

                             bb. Nathan Justin Christensen, B. 22-5-83


Married Dec. 1985, Norma Shannon, Div. 1988


                             aa. Charles Ray Christensen, B. 28-5-86


Married 9-10-90, Elaine Clymer.




Myla Mae Christensen Richarz was born, a twin, 23-11-55 in Sacred Heart Hospital, Yankton, SD. She moved with her family to Sioux Falls when she was just a baby. She grew up in Sioux Falls attending school there marrying and living there until her death the result of a car accident.


Married 1977 Kenneth Richarz. He and the children live 414 S. Menlo, Sioux Falls, SD 57104.


                             aa. James Richarz, B. 16-12-77

                             bb. Allen Richarz, B. 2-6-82

                             cc. Wendy Richarz, B. 2-3-85




Marly Kay Christensen Thompson was born, a twin, 23-11-55 in Sacred Heart Hospital, Yankton, SD. She moved with her family to Sioux Falls when she was just a baby. She attended school in Sioux Falls, graduating from Washington High School. She graduated from Nettleton Academy of Hair Design with her manager/operator license. She has also worked as security at Sioux Falls airport and for 17 years as a certified Nurses Aide.

She has married and lives with her husband and daughter at 119 S. Summit #12, Sioux Falls, SD 57104.


Married James Russell Thompson, B. 29-7-1950, co-partner T & S Construction Co. He is from Montrose, SD.


                             aa. Kimberly Kay Thompson, B. 31-3-91, Sioux Valley Hospital,
                                   Sioux Falls, SD




Elsie Sophie (Ruth) Christensen Widme was born 26-7-1900 in Cumberland, ME, where she lived with her family until they all moved to the Dakotas in 1910. After she married, she and her husband lived in Huron, SD where he worked for Standard Oil Co. They were transfered  to Rapid City, SD where they lived for a number of years enjoy – the Black Hills and entertaining any and all relatives that came their way. Ruth and Pete were never blessed with children but had a little dog, Toy, who was very special to her. They returned to Huron, SD in later years where they retired. Ruth died of cancer in the spring of 1953 and is buried in Yankton Cemetary along with her husband who died later.


Married       , Pete Widme.




Harry Peter Christensen was born 14-7-09 in Cu mberland, ME and moved with his family to the Dakotas when he was just a baby. He came to Yankton to visit his brothers and met and married his first wife. In 1935 he had bone from his leg grafted in his back to stabilize an extra vertabre at the end of his spine. He spent many months in a body cast in bed. He spent most of his life working as a truck driver moving around to Columbus, NB, Yankton, Sioux City, IA, Rapis City, SD and finally Newcastle, Wyo. He developed old age diabetes and suffered an insulin induced stroke which caused him to spend the last 4½ years of his life in a nursing home. Hedied 28-12-88 and is buried next to his second wife in Newcastle cemetery.


Married 17-7-29 Flora Gladus Garnsey, B. 19-1-04, Perciville, IA


                             a. Gladus Melvina Christensen Carstensen, B. 30-5-30, Yankton, SD

                             b. Annie Marie Christensen Schroeder Ault, B. 6-10-31, Yankton, SD


Married 2-11-46 Grace Collins, b. 15-7-07, D. 8-1-72


                             a. Judy Kay Christensen Rawhauser, B. 11-04-48




Gladus Melvina Christensen Carstensen was born 30-5-30 at Sacred Heart Hospital in Yankton, SD. In 1939 she moved with her family to Columbus, NB returning to Yankton in 1944. She graduated from Yankton High School and attended Yankton College for one year. She worked for the Richard Photo Studio in Yankton, C. H. Point Realty Co. & Sioux Falls College in Sioux Falls. Most of her adult life she was wife and mother. Currently she works with the Senior Adult Ministries at  First Baptist Church and as Church Librarian. She and her husband live at 2208 W. 22nd St., Sioux Falls., SD 57105.


Married 9-10-54 Kenneth Eugene Carstensen, B. 30-8-26, Newll, IA. World War II Veteran. Purchasing Agent for Sioux Falls Public Schools since 1957.


                             aa. Karen Sue Carstensen Appleton, B. 23-8-55, Huron, SD, St. 
                                   John’s Hospital

                             bb. Bruce Charles Carstensen, B. 19-7-57, Sioux Falls, SD,  Sioux 
                                    Valley Hospital

                             cc. Meredith Kay Christensen, B. 16-5-62, Sioux Falls, SD,
                                   Sioux Valley Hospital




Karen Sue Carstensen Appleton was born 23-8-55 in Huron, SD. She moved with her parents to Sioux Falls in june 1956 where she grew up graduating from Washington High School in 1973 and then from Luther College, Decorah, IA in 1977 with a BA in Music and English. In 1988 she received her Masters of Library Science from Iowa State University at Cedar Falls. She has taught at Hudson, SD, Earlham, Primgar and Sanborn, IA. Currently she is the Media Consultant  for Area IV of Northwest Iowa covering about 20 schools. She and her family live on a farm 2 miles west of Sanborn, IA. Their address is RT. 2 Box 174 Sanborn, IA 51248.


Married 27-6-80 Lowell Dean Appleton, B. 6-11-55, Sandborn, IA. Farms 200 Acres & works as an accountant at Village Unlimited, Sheldon, IA.


                             aa. Elizabeth Ann (Betsy) Appleton, B. 13-6-83, Worthington, Minn.

                             bb. Abigale Marie (Abby) Appleton, B. 16-9-84, 
                                    Worthington,  Minn.

                             cc. Amalie (Emily) Victoria Appleton, B. 10-9-90, Primgar, IA.




Bruce Charles Carstensen was born 10-7-57 in Sioux Falls, SD where he grew up graduating from Washington High School and with a BA in History fromSioux Falls Coolege. He worked as an investigator for an Insurance Co. Services both in Sioux Falls and Rapid City where he joined the US Navy in 1983. He has been in the Navy ever since being stationed in Penscola, FL, CO, Jacksonville, FL and now in Colorado Springs, CO. He has served two tours on the USS Forestall. He and his family currently live at 2260Farnsworth Dr. Colorado Springs, CO 80916.


Married 29-12-79 Sandra Kaye German, B. 15-7-56, Sissiton, SD


                             aa. Aaron Bruce Carstensen, B. 31-3-81, Sioux Falls, SD, Sioux 
                                    Valley Hospital

                             bb. Laurel Kaye Carstensen, B. 7-9-85, Penscola, FL, Naval Hospital




Meredith Kay Carstensen was born 16-5-62 in Sioux Falls, SD where she has lived all her life. She graduated from Washington High School and has a BA in Health & Physical Education from Sioux Falls College. She is now working on her Masters in Counseling from the University at Brookings. She worked for five years at Patrick Henry Junior High School and now is working for the Children’s Home Society in Sioux Falls with children that have severe emotional problems. She lives at 200N Garfield #210, Sioux Falls, SD 57104.




Annie Marie Christensen Schroeder Ault was born 6-10-31 in Yankton, SD. She grew up there and in Columbus, NB graduating from Yankton High School in 1949.She moved to Sioux Falls in 1950 where she worked in a photo lab and met her first husband. After the death of her husband she later moved to Minneapolis/ St. Paul, MN working for theU of Minnesota doing Medical Photography at the University Hospital. In 1967 she met her second husband and they later moved to Denver, CO. They have lived there except for a short time in Reno, NV. You can reach them at Box 800,Commerce City, CO 80037.


Married ?-9-51 Paul Schroeder, B. 25-12-25, D. 25-8-1960 of Brights’ Disease. Worked at Photo Lab and then Shipley’s Laundry as route man.


                             aa. Paul Franklin Schroeder, B. 22-1-53 Sioux Falls, SD Sioux Valley

                             bb. Patricia Ann Schroeder Jaramillo, B. 17-7-54, Sioux Falls, SD 
                                    Sioux Valley Hospital


Married       - 67 Lynn Ault, B.     . Carpet layer presently works for Tile Corp.


                             aa. Lynn Ault II, B. ?-10-70, Denver, CO




Paul Franklin Schroeder was born 22-1-53 in Sioux Falls, SD where she lived and attended school until 1965 when he moved to St. Paul with his family and then on to Denver in his High School years. He joined the Navy in 1970 and on returning home worked with his step-father in the Carpet Business. In the fall of 1988 he moved to Seattle where he is currently living.




Patricia Ann Schroeder Jaramillo was born 17-7-54 in Sioux Falls, SD where she lived and attended school until moving to St. Paul with her family in 1965. She attended school there and in Denver where she graduated from high school. After taking some post high school classes she started to work in the photo business which she has done for 17 years. She and her family live at 5781 Tichy Blv. Commerce City, CO 80022.


Married Larry Jaramillo, 15 years ago, who works as a diesel mechanic and shop foreman.


                             aaa. Jeremy (JJ) Jaramillo, B.         , Denver CO




Lynn Ault II was born   ?-10-70 in Denver, CO. grew up there until 1988 when he moved to Reno NV with his family where he did his senior year of High School and graduating there. He stayed on in Reno for a year after his folks returned to Denver. In 1990 he moved to Denver to work as an Intern Youth Pastor and start College. Now is working full time at local Hotel, is still Youth Director and goes to College. He is engaged to be married.




Judy Kay Christensen Rawhauser was born 11-4-48, Sioux City, IA and lived in that vicinity with her parents until they moved to Rapid City, SD and then on to Newcastle, WY where she grew up and attended school. She married and has lived on a ranch 20 miles north of Newcastle ever since. She is full time wife and mother, drives school bus, helps on the ranch and works with a friend in an upholstery business. She and her family live at at 1497 Beaver Creek Rd., Newcastle, WY.


Married 15-6-73 Don Wayne Rawhauser, B. 16-9-50, full time rancher and logger.


                             aa. Tim Charles Rawhauser, B. 14-12-66, Newcastle, WY

                             bb. Paula Kristi Rawhauser Klien, B. 1-8-69, Newcastle, WY

                             cc. Lisa Dawn Rawhauser, B. 9-6-71, Newcastle, WY

                             dd. Karen Jo Rawhauser, B. 23-6-76, Newcastle, WY

                             ee. Randy Joe (Bucky) Rawhauser, B. 29-6-78, Newcastle, WY




Tim Charles Rawhauser was born 14-12-66 in Newcastle, WY. Has helped his Dad on the ranch and also works lumbering. He still lives in Newcastle.




Paula Kristi Rawhauser Klien was born 1-8-69 in Newcastle, WY, and has lived there all her life. She attended school there graduating from Newcastle High School. She started her own cleaning business and has settled in Newcastle with her husband and family.


Married          Jeff Klien B.       .


                             aaa. Dustee Leigh Klien, B. 25-10-87

                             bbb. Kellee Kae Klien, B. 1-6-91




Lisa Dawn Rawhauser was born 9-6-71 in Newcastle, WY where she grew up and graduated from Newcastle High School. She is currently attending College and working to earn her tutition.




Karen Jo Rawhauser was born 23-6-76 in Newcastle, WY where she has lived all her life. She will start High School this fall and is going to be a cheerleader.




Randy Joe (Bucky) Rawhauser was born 29-6-78 in Newcastle, WY where he has lived all his life. Bucky attends school in Newcastle and his big passion is sports.



Virginia,Kent Simmons 26.01.2013 18:11

Hi Marianne , Finally found information on my Husbands Dad Joe Allen Christensen thanks to you. My husband Kent and his Brother Bradley lived in Mn . 1956,1957

Marianne Christensen 26.01.2013 18:34

Please inform me on - I live in Denmark and have no information at all about your Family except Joe Allen Christensen. But you will be family to my h

Karen Bambara 25.05.2011 02:42

Need to add Mercel Blackford (Davis), B.D. June 24, 1974 to the list of children for Jimmy Ray Blackford, I am the mother of Michele Groves,one of his daughters

Karen Bambara 23.05.2011 22:27

Jimmy Ray Blackford was born 5-3-57 (March 5, 1957),Have information concerning this post on a. Michille Blackford ( able to add a birthdate and last name)RSVP

Marianne 24.05.2011 06:13

That is nice. Please tell me who you are and use my emailaddress on the frontpage?

Karen Bambara 23.05.2011 22:17

Jimmy Ray Blackford :
a. Michille Blackford (Michele Hughes-Groves)B.D. March 8, 1978.
(Please add corretions)
I never gave her his last name.

Marianne 24.05.2011 06:11

Done from this morning.

Karen Bambara 23.05.2011 22:10

d. Jimmy Ray Blackford, B. 5-3-57, Sioux Falls, SD

Is his birthday not 3-5-57? March 5th???

Marianne 24.05.2011 06:10

I have this from family in USA, In Denmark we write 03-05-1957 as the 3. May.

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