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The Squiggle Book

or learn to read Gothic before you start with genealogy.  

It started many years ago. It was exactly in 1983 when our oldest daughter was baptized. My father told that his parents were married in Østbirk church.   

That we had to find out whether it was true. Indeed: Pastor Fosdal took wedding and wrote-off the text from the church book for us. It was written in a good old-fashioned typewriter. The side of the family, I am not advanced.   

I tried to hail scattered about where I would start with this genealogy. I wrote to some priests in the parsonage, I knew that was recognized buried. Sometimes I was lucky, other times I got a sour call from a very grumpy priest - it was certainly not something you just like that could afford to ask.   

All the small pieces of paper, half and full pages written with notes and perhaps a written reply from a priest, yes it started it all. 

It took some years, it declined slightly in the background and the children were cared for and their hobbies. But then unfortunately died aunt Elvira, my husband godmother. He must obviously have earned the succession. At least uncle Karl came over with a nice big photo of Grandma Margrete and Grandpa Laurids.
That he should have and because I had once told that I would like to genealogy research, we also got a green binder with a nearly complete record of the family Christensen, after Laurids & Margrete, with a lot of dates, birthdays and wedding dates, etc.   

But with a few words said by the grandfather Laurids' mother Anne Christine Sveigaard was killed during an overturned burning table and her husband Jens Peder Christensen emigrating to America together with the two eldest of the boys and his housekeeper in 1880. Hmmm, it is not true, but we return to later.   

The other siblings in care among different farmers or small farmers. One of the boys will be hit by lightning as he was bringing home a bull from the field during a lightning storm. Hmmm, withdrew Monday cows home in November and not much thunder in November?  

Laurids coming into care from one farmer which was milling with. He will apprentice mills and sheep, since his own mill. Yes, now it begins to resemble something that is something about the talk. I will tell the story.   

Karl has written a comment in the ring towel: "No intelligence from America or other siblings have emerged." 

Curiosity gets bigger and bigger.   

I saw some clips from Danmarks Radio about known genera history. Were told that the church records were online, yes - so I had to start. So I started to go online and Google. There I found As a site about the local area where the family came from. So it was exciting.   

Then I took a course at Rossing Ræderske evening, FOF, in Horsens in September 2006, with a teacher Hanne Bjørn. There I heard about DIS Denmark, so now I was really under way. Church books were eagerly flip on the web.   

A trip was planned with Hanne Bjørn for Archives in Viborg. It was an experience. Hanne had arranged for the detection of material for us, so it was just to start looking at the big, beautiful and heavy kirkebøger. You are in the search and read. But those 3 hours on Archives felt only 5 minutes, I think that a 14 day vacation on the bottom shelf of the large archive would be a good start. 

Information and questions put me on various websites and vupti; sitting so many nice, sweet and incredibly helpful people around who also genealogy researcher and a mass. These people are an invaluable aid, the sole is a must, is that it is welcome with a good behavior and that TAK/thank you is enough.   

All of a sudden I sat with a lot of information and just as suddenly was Christina entered into my life. Christina is a follow on New Zealand. We are family in the way that her relatives: Saturated Kathrine Mikkelsen Sveigaard and my husband's great-grandmother: Anne Christine Sveigaard is half sisters.   

They have the same father, namely Mikkel Mikkelsen Sveigaard, born in Nykøbing Mors, 14 December 1800. He grows up without his father, Michel Sveigaard, he suffered the accident that drowned during a ferry disaster in Sallingsund 3 May 1800 along with 6 others, only 29 years old, it is written in the church book.

Mikkel's father was Michel Sveigaard Pedersen and Mikkel's mother said Mette Lund. They were betrothed 19.02.1796 and was dedicated in Nykøbing Mors on 16.04.1796.

Michel Sveigaard Pedersen was born in 1771 and died 03.05.1800.   

Pedersen Sveigaard Michel's parents were Peder Jensen Sveigaard born 01.08.1735 in Ydby parish and died 02.03.1826 in Karby parish and Maren Michel Daughter b. 1737 and died 20.02.1819 in Karby parish. They were dedicated in approx. 1772.   

Peder Jensen Sveigaard's father was Jens Jensen Sveigaard born in 1715 in Ydby and death in 18.02.1787 in Ydby, his mother was Kirsten Laurs Leed daughter born in 1705 in Leeds and died 15.08.1764 in Ydby.   

Kirsten Laurs Daughter Leed's father said Laurs Poulsen Leed and was born ca. 1668 and her mother was Inger Graversens Daughter born ca. 1677.   

Laurs Poulsen Leed's father said Poul Lauritsen and his mother was Else Lars Daughter.   

Mikkel's mother Mette Lund was born 06.07.1757, her parents were Christen Jensen Birgitte Lund and Jens Daughter.  

Mikkel Mikkelsen Sveigaard grow up and get married with Inger Pouls daugther from Timring by Ulfborg. They get married 14.01.1824 in Sunds church. They will meet at least 10 children, after the last birth Inger Poul Daughter dies in childbirth, only 41 years old.   

Children are all born and baptized in Ikast.   

Mette Mikkelsen, born 12.03.1825 - died 23.01.1831. 

Anne Barbara Mikkelsen, born 08.05.1827 - died 07.02.1854
Is married to Gottlieb Schiermer 14.09.1853 at Hansted 

They are a stillborn daughter 22.01.1854 in Uth, Anne Barbara dies shortly after.

Gottlieb Schiermer will be Barbara Anne's death, married to Peder Not (Barbara Anne's little sister).

Pederikke Mikkels Daughter born 06.10.1829 - moving to Minnesota U.S. - died 11.05.1922.

Pederikke being married to Gottlieb Schiermer 26.05.1854 at Uth Church. Gottlieb is the custom at Uth Hospital.

Gottlieb Schiermer died 21.05.1894.   

They are the following children:  

Ane Cathrine Schiermer born 28.02.1855 and 03.06.1855 baptized in Uth Church. Confirmed 04.04.1869. 

A stillborn son born 12.10.1857.   

Gemini sons Georg Schiermer and Mikkel Mikkelsen Schiermer born 29.09.1858 and 20.10.1858 baptized.

They are confirmed simultaneously 06.10.1872 at Tyrsted church, though they each earned their place, one in Ustrup and the other in Tyrsted.   

Inger Kirstine Schiermer born 25.11.1861. Confirmed 03.10.1875.   

Marie Cathrine Schiermer born 26.03.1864 and 17.07.1864 baptized. Confirmed 14.04.1878.   

Sørine Pouline Schiermer born 30.10.1866 and 30.12.1866 baptized. Sørine be confirmed 03.10.1880.  

A stillborn son born 16.04.1872.   

Cathrine Mikkelsen Sveigaard born 19.12.1831, moving to New Zealand, died 13.09.1929. 

Cathrine is married to Søren Tvaermose Nielsen 07.05.1865.   

But only after 2 stillborn children.   

Stillborn son 29.06.1859.   

Stillborn son 08.07.1862.   

Stillborn daughter 28.01.1866.   

Inger Kathrine Nielsen born 05.09.1867, married 31.12.1885 in NZ with Charles Leonard Jacobson.

Inger Kathrine died 22.10.1939.   

Stillborn son 02.06.1870.   

Stillborn son 09.08.1871.  

Stillborn son 31.07.1872.

Nielsine Rasmine Christine Dagmar Nielsen born 24.11.1873, married to George Ward 19.10.1909.

Dagmar died 11.05.1922, she left husband and 4 children. George Ward married later with the nurse who had cared for Dagmar during her illness.  

Pouline Mikkelsen, born 13.03.1834 - died 14.03.1834   

Poul Sveigaard born 16.09.1835 - died 27.09.1835   

Maren Mikkelsen, born 30.12.1836 - died 24.03.1837   

Maren Mikkelsen, born 09.03.1838 - died 22.01.1839   

Mikkel Mikkelsen Sveigaard, 11.10.1839 - died 23.08.1922

This Mikkel is married to Dorthea Hans Daughter, 13.02.1864 in Horsens.

31 01.1865 get together son Michael Mikkelsen Sveigaard, he will be confirmed 20.04.1879 in Horsens.

On 12.03.1867 with the daughter Inger Caroline Mikkelsen, she dies 18.12.1867 in Horsens.

On 26.12.1868 with the daughter Hansine Mikkelsen, she dies 27.09.1869 in Horsens.

On 30.09.1870 with the daughter Inger Hansine Caroline Mikkelsen, she will be confirmed 05.10.1884 in Horsens.   

Mikkel have a son, Niels Jakob Sorensen Svejgaard born 06.03.1879 by Birthe Marie Sorensen 30 years. Faddere by baptism are: Girls Kathrine Andersen of Ustrup, Inger Marie Sveigaard of Skovlund, bachelor Sørensen Niels Broch of Skovlund, twin brothers Georg and Mikkel Mikkelsen Schjirmer of Dallerup.
Niels Jakob Sorensen Sveigaard dying of stomach corrosion 08.07.1879.   

Mikkel get a daughter, Ane Kirstine Nielsine Svejgaard born 22.04.1880, she dies 25.04.1880. The mother is Birthe Marie Sorensen.   

Birthe Marie Sorensen dies 13.06.1880 - died of pneumonia after childbirth.   

Mikkel is later married to Ane Kristine Nielsen born 18.03.1852 in Tolstrup on 20.11.1880 in Horsens.   

Mikkel get a daughter, Birthe Marie Kristine Nielsine Svejgaard born 21.08.1882, christened 24.09.1882 in Uth Church. The mother is Ane Kristine Nielsen.
Birthe Marie is confirmed 04.10.1896 at Uth Church. Mg / mg.

Birthe Marie is married 14.12.1907 in Uth Church with bachelor and sav cutter, Frederik Carl Petersen born 06.12.1887 in Serridslev. Carl has been confirmed in 1902.

He is the son of Thomas Peter Bødker Petersen and Sara Kirtine Lund of Horsens.   

Mikkel get a son, Marius Nielsen Svejgaard born 18.11.1883, christened 09.03.1884 in Uth Church.

Marius is confirmed 17.04.1898 at Uth Church. g? / mg.

Marius is classified as a child's father to Michael Mikkelsen Sveigaard born 22.01.1903 in Uth, baptized at home and manufactured in Uth Church 22.02.1903.
The mother is Christiane Caroline Jensen of Hyrup, Stouby parish. The mother stayed at 10 months the day of its delivery in solid service in Hyrup Stouby parish. Listed in Barrit Sogns parish.

Marius and Christiane get married 02.04.1904 in Stouby Church.   

They will later twin girls born 30.05.1904 in Over Barrit Mark, introduced in Uth parish after parish council's request.

Mary Nielsen Kirstine Nielsen and Svejgaard Svejgaard of Barrit Church.  

They are still a son Oskar Holger Nielsen Svejgaard born 21.04.1913, christened 06.07.1913 in Uth / Barrit?   

Mikkel have a son, Michael Mikkelsen Svejgaard born 05.08.1886, christened 12.09.1886 in Uth Church.   

Mikkel get a son, Theodor Mikkelsen Svejgaard born 30.04.1888, christened 27.05.1888 in Uth Church. Theodor be confirmed 06.04.1902 at Uth Church. Tg / mg.   

Ane Kristine Nielsen dies 13.11.1913 at Tyrsted.   

Mikkel's son Michael is married to Elvin Charlotte Augusta Jørgine Therkelsen, born 16.05.1886 in Kattrup.

Elvin be confirmed 30.09.1900 at Kattrup Church. g / mg.

They get married 30.03.1907 in Kattrup Church.

Elvin parents are Anders Therkelsen and Ane Petrea Andrea Sorensen.   

They will have min. 4 children together:

Anders Mikkelsen Svejgaard born 11.04.1907 in Hatting?

Theodor Mikkelsen Svejgaard born 26.06.1908 in Hatting,

Richard Mikkelsen Svejgaard born 29.05.1912 in Hatting,   

Anna Elise Petrea Andrea Svejgaard born 21.04.1914 in Hatting.

Anna Elise 03.04.1931 get a daughter, Dorette Elise Svejgaard she becomes baptized into Uth 09.05.1931 and produced in Vinding Kirke 23.08.1931.

Dorette Elise 02.01.1946 renamed to Holm

Anna Elise is truly united in Rårup 25.04.1942 Hans Lauridsen Holm born 25.03.1915. They were residing Smedegade 36 - Horsens   

Alma Kirstine Svejgaard born 17.04.1918, christened 20.05.1918 in Hatting 

To see the family during a census in Hatting, 1916, Eriknauer:   

Mikael Mikkelsen Svejgaard, M, 5 / 8 1886, G, Husfader, unskilled laborer

Alvin Cjarlotte Svejgaard, K, 16 / 5 1886, G, housewife

Anders Mikkelsen, Svejgaard, M, 11 / 4 1907, U, Child

Hildur Mikkelsen Svejgaard, M, 9 / 4 1910, U, Child

Rikkart Mikkelsen Svejgaard, M, 29 / 5 1912 U Child

Anna Elisabet Petrea Andrea Svejgaard, K, 21 / 4 1914, U, Child  

Maren Mikkelsen, 20.07.1842 - died 24.07.1842   

But "old" Mikkel Mikkelsen Sveigaard is not finished yet and was married to Maren Pouls daughter from Kjærgaard know Sunds. They then lived out in the heat of the parson Ikast when Mikkel was croft. By Maren he gets at least 9 children.   

These children are born and baptized in Ikast.   

Poul Poulsen Sveigaard born 31.01.1844 - died 23.11.1848   

Peder Christian Sveigaard born 22.02.1846 - died 02.03.1846  

Mauritz Christian Sveigaard born 08.12.1846 - died 09.12.1846 - twin   

Peder Christian Sveigaard born 08.12.1846 - died 23.12.1846 - twin   

Peder Christian Sveigaard born 24.12.1847 - died 24.12.1847   

Inger Marie Sveigaard born 13.12.1848 --

Inger Marie Mikkelsen Sveigaard be confirmed in Uth Church in 1863.

Inger Marie have a daughter 23.09.1875 in Uth, Pederikke Rasmine Rasmussen, with a man she is married, his name is Rasmus Rasmussen, a soldier from Copenhagen.
Pederikke Rasmine Rasmussen dies 03.08.1876 and is buried at Uth Cemetery.

Inger Marie have a daughter, Marie Kirstine Poulsen, d. 14.08.1881 in Tyrsted with another man she was not married to him, his name is Sven Christian Poulsen, from Kolding Castle Mill.  

Pouline Sveigaard Elisabeth, born 11.04.1851 - died 02.07.1922

Pouline Elisabeth have a daughter out of wedlock: Karen Marie Hansen Sveigaard born 06.04.1877, christened 27.04.1877 in Ikast.

In the church book is the following: Pouline Elisabeth Sveigaard in the house with lodger Jens Andersen Ravnsvad. Designated child's father: railway Peder Christian Hansen of Varde.   

In 1880 Pouline Elisabeth lives with her daughter Karen Marie with her mother Maren Poul daughter in Skovby.   

Pouline Elisabeth is married to Gravers Poulsen 25.04.1889 in Ikast Kirke.   

He is a widower and his former wife was Sidsel Katrine Stensig born 1828 - died 08.11.1887 in Gjellerup they were married 10.06.1856 in Gjellerup. There is a daughter of the first marriage: Maren Poulsen born in 1857 and christened 21.08.1857.   

Pouline and Gravers a daughter, Ane Christine Mikkelin Poulsen born 24.10.1888 in Ravnsvad she baptized 20.01.1889 in Ikast Kirke.

She dies 06.05.1889 at Skovby and buried at Gjellerup Cemetery 12.05.1889. 

Another daughter, Pouline Sørine Poulsen born 27.02.1890 in Gjellerup.

10.04.1904 confirmed in Gjellerup Church.   

One son: Mikkel Kristian Poulsen born 11.02.1892 in Skovby, Glellerup. 22.04.1906 confirmed in Sunds Church.

Gravers Poulsen dies 24.04.1899 in Sunds and is buried at the cemetery Sunds 30.04.1899.

Herning parish:
1922 - died 2 July 1922 Herning - Herning Cemetery buried 6 July 1922 - Pouline Elisabeth Poulsen f. Sveigaard - Enkenbach after Husfæster of Sunds Gravers Poulsen, died in 1899 Sunds of Ostergade 57, Herning. Daughter of Michel Michelsen and wife Maren Povelsdatter. Husfæster in Ikast - funerals conducted by Pastor Jensen in Herning.
Inger Kathrine Dorthea Sveigaard born 24.11.1853 - died 09.05.1928

Inger Kathrine Dorthea is married, with Anders Kristian Jensen born 1848 in Gjellrup Church 15.10.1886.  

They are the following children:  

Elias Kristian Jensen, born 02.01.1887, christened 09.01.1887, died 31.01.1888 and buried 05.02.1888 at Gjellerup Cemetery.  

Elias Kristian Jensen, born 31.03.1888, christened 29.04.1888 in Gjellerup Church. 

Elsie Kirstine Jensen born 01.09.1889, christened 15.09.1889 in Gjellerup Church.
Herning parish:
1928 - died 9 May 1928 Herning - Herning buried Cemetery 1928 15 May - Inger Dorthea Catrine Jensen, b. Sveigaard - Enke, Smedegade 11, Herning. Born in Ikast Sogn 24 November 1853. Daughter of Smallholder Mikkel Mikkelsen Sveigaard and wife Maren Poul Daughter. Widow of former Miller Anders Christen Jensen, died in Herning 31 October 1909 - the funeral conducted by Pastor Otto Sørensen.  

Anne Christine Sveigaard born 03.04.1856 - died 19.02.1888   

The youngest daughter Anne Christine Sveigaard is my husband's great-grandmother.  

Said Mikkel must not have been so good at his Inger. But when he married to Maren, he suddenly "comb his hair." His new wife must have been just as bad for him as he had been at Inger. This I do not know if is true, then it is something I clip has been sent from a website that I have not been able to find. But the story is fun.

Poor old Mikkel is killed in a train accident at Skovby 18.08.1878. Clippings can be found at who have received it from lokalhistoriske file in Herning.

But we start with it as I really wanted to tell. For the story that was bigger and bigger. I put out with Ane Kristine Sveigaard.  

Anne Christine was born on 3 April 1856 in Ikast, as the youngest in a family of at least 19  

She will be baptized at home on Karstoft Mark and manufactured in Ikast Church, 12 October 1856. She is confirmed in the church Ikast 24.04.1870. Anne Christine is married to Jens Peder Kristensen, born in Skarrild 10 December 1854, in Church Fires, 5 April 1877. Witness was Christen Mathias Pedersen and Søren Sørensen.  

Anne Christine and Jens Peder have 6 children:  

Maren Kristensen, born 25.01.1878 - died 10 years old - 01.05.1888. 

Mikkel Mikkelsen Sveigaard Kristensen, born 22.03.1880 - died 02.04.1954.  

Kristen Mathias Peder Kristensen, born 05.11.1881 - died 25.04.1963. 

Kirsten Marie Kristensen, born 08.04.1883  

Augustinus Kristensen, born 15.08.1885 - died 12.11.1891  

Laurids Olesen Buch Christensen, born 29.12.1886 - died 19.12.1967


Ane Kristine dies 19 February 1888. I've been sent the following report, written off by Hammerum herredsfogeds protocol by Inger and Svend Jensen, thanks for that! 

YEAR 1888 21 febr After (afternoon?) Kl. 3 Police Court was set to Jens Peder Christensens Housing at Søby Mark, Arnborg Sogn that when Judge Herreds Foged Krarup with witnesses which included the following: No. 43/1888 Forhør with Attitude on Smallholder Jens Peder Christensen's wife, Ane Kirstine Sveigaards Deaths.

The judge had today Forging Jens Nielsen received the call to Smallholder Jens Peder Christensen's wife Ane Kirstine Sveigaard the day before yesterday was found dead. Owing to Snefog and storms which made roads ufarbare the site which lies far in the unit in Arnborg Sogn
(unreadable but probably an excuse for the delay)
The judge in conjunction with District Medical Benzon-looking body that existed stripping, lying on a bed. District doctor gave Coroners certificate, copy of which was presented.

Appeared Smallholder Chr Nielsen Tusholt which explains the reason that he is the day before yesterday Kl. between 4 and 5 on the occasion of his waiting to shoulder after Midwives to his wife went to her Nearby Jens Peder Christensen to retrieve a pair of boots that he had been able to him. Chrt. Hit the ground floor only children, Jens Peder Christensen had died Skarrild on the occasion of the organization of a real estate and his wife were even home. This surprised Chrt. the children were alone at home in the Storms of Snefog as it was. Then asked the children where their mother was, they said that she was with Chrt. had she not been. Chrt. went as far to another Nearby Jørgen Sjællænder, but she was not and she was not in Chrts. Brother Jens Tusholt where they also searched her. They went on all 3 jade to the site and to see that Peat stack was passed along, it decreased Chrt. entry to see if she would be possible there. Snow was following up on the stack, so that nothing suspicious had to see.

They tried to clear the snow overridden, but that ei does something to her. They began, however, to clear the peat to the side which was a difficult task, because everything was frozen together, by facilitating a Peat aside so Chrt. Deceased's principal, and after they had received several Peat cleared away so that they lie to her stooping or nearly complete in the stomach with the head lying on its side. The position was that she had been on their knees and taken Peat, and stack's upper part is ramlet down over her and has thrown her. Lips were very swollen and ovedet the entire swelling with multiple abrasions, but otherwise there were no signs of that something was crushed or broken. The stack was Huletts out so that was taken off the regular stack bottom, so that the last part hung out as a Tag, which is held together because the peat was frozen together Chrt. assume that the weight of the moisture has been so great that the whole exercise neglected part of the thatch of an overall mass ramlet down, possible storm has also worked with them since Chrt. first came down to the children the stove was completely cold and the children were hungry, so he assumes that it was not so short a time that the deceased had been away.

Appeared Maren Christensen 10 years old, the oldest of deceased children at the occasion explained that her mother the day before yesterday afternoon at. 2 1 / 2 said that she would go out after a few Peat. She went out but came back Chrt. assumed that she had gone to one of the neighbors either Jørgen Sjællænder or Chr Tusholt who hengik well a few hours before Chr Tusholt came down to them and asked for their mother.

Appeared then Smallholder Jens Peder Christensen, who on occasion forkl. The day before yesterday that he had gone home to Skarrild around Kl. 1 in order to have organized some papers on an Estate Agents. He came because of the Storm is not home, but received bids yesterday on accident, but only reached home last night Kl. 8. he could give no other information about Cause of death beyond what he has heard of and Jens Chr Tusholt and Jorgen Sjællænder.

The judge noted that Jørgen Sjællænder today not at home, Jens Tusholt judge has today taken on the road. His explanation is quite with the Chr Tusholt deliver. The Stack is located east of the house, only about a yard from it. The upper part of stack is nedvæltet in a single mass. Incidentally, it was because of frost and snow sammenføgne difficult to accurately examine the spot.

Questioning connected, Police Court was closed.
Krarup - Jens Benzon - Dynis Jensen. 

Yes it is a sad story. But inspired by all the support from complete strangers who will take the time to write off this important document, I know that it will be spent on, but then I have to move forward with the story.  

The children are placed in care says the story and it is perhaps also true. Maren death in May 1888, just three months after mother's death.   

Jens Peder Kristensen sell the house in Sønder Søby in 1890 to 580 kroner. The story about him is that he is emigrating to America and it is perhaps something about. He lost anyway.

No trace has been found for him, he is not found in emigrant database, nor in the census are, at least not online. 

There is, however, that he takes the two biggest of the boys with me? It must be Mikkel Mikkelsen Sveigaard Kristensen, born 22.03.1880 and Kristen Mathias Peder Kristensen, born 05.11.1881. Hmmm suits it now?   

Mikkel Mikkelsen Sveigaard Kristensen, born 22.03.1880 in Uhre Kjær by fires. Home baptized 12.04.1880 and produced in Church Fires 30.10.1880. In a census in 1890 we find him with Soren Anders Sørensen and Lovis Sorensen in a house in Lund door to fire. There he service servant and 10 years old. It fits well enough.  

On 13 August 2007, I suddenly receive a mail from Gerda and Ove Christensen Giveaway. They have looked at DIS Denmark that I seek relatives by Anne Christine Sveigaard and will hear if I can help them. Mikkel here proves to be grandfather to Ove.  

D.v.s. that Mikkel Mikkelsen Sveigaard Kristensen has a child out of wedlock and paternity has been admitted in a paternity in 1903. In 1902-1904 served in Mikkel Vellinge, Smidstrup parish. He have a son, born 14.12.1903 with Bodil Margrethe Marie Borch, born 21.06.1884. 
Paternitetssag climbed troupe

Service Karl Mikkelsen Mikkel Christensen Svejgaard, St. Vellinge.
Submitted a letter of 6 'ds. From Vejle Amt, accompanied live birth certificate and certificate for one of Bodil Margrethe Marie Borch climbed troupe of 14 'in December Born child Carl Christensen.

Complaints Before met and requested in accordance with the submitted paternitetssag instituted against the designated child laborer father Mikkel Mikkelsen Svejgaard Christensen of St. Vellinge.

This was met. Made aware of the current acknowledges he had intercourse with the complainant in both summer 1902 and 2 times in the winter of 1902 - 1903, ie even at Christmas 1902 and even later in the winter of 1903, but when he can not certainly say, but it was something before Easter, and since Easter fell in early April, it must of course have been in March.

Complaints Before the reports that it was the last or penultimate Sunday before Palm Sunday.

This defendant can not deny. He then offers to pay for maintenance of the child, but when he only serves 220 kroner a year in addition to diet and logis, he may well not pay more than 40 kroner a year. He has no fortune of any kind but only what he serves. He is unmarried and has no more children to alimenter to. He offers derhos to pay 10 kroner to help with the costs of motherhood movement.

This last offer received complaints before, but the offer on the annual contribution, she can not receive when she should have the baby in the nursing home for Vejle county, where she in the first 2 years to provide 110 kroner a year later a little less, but how much she know not. She must therefore require 50 kroner a year by the respondent. She did not own any assets and earns only 135 kroner a year in addition to diet and logis and is not strong by itself.

Both parties agreed to apply for its size set by county resolution.

Respondent states on occasion that his full name is listed and that he was born on 22 'March 1880 Fires in the parish of the parents Jens Peter Kristensen and his wife Kristine, who was married when he was born. When he was 18 years old he served in Monrad Thomsen, St. Vellinge, Smidstrup parish where he was until May 1898. Then he had space in Bredballe, Hornstrup parish, with farm copyholder Clausen to November 1898. Then he was employed by Kyed of Julia Mountain, Engum parish to 1 'in November 1899, then from hp Kyed St. Vellinge to November 1901, then in HP Hansen, same place, to November 1902, then from Søren Knudsen for November 1903 and now has his place of 1 'in November In Holger Buhl, same place.

When he still did not have residence in St. Vellinge in 5 years, believes he is dependent on the food instead. He has not had fattighjælp, at least not according to what he knows and not after his confirmation.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------ 

Son is baptized Karl Kristensen, 27 December 1903 in Smidstrup kirke.Karl coming into care in Mejsling, Jerlev parish. He will be confirmed 7 April 1918 in high church. Karl is a skilled blacksmith and travel to Bjerndrup in Sønderjylland acting he Marie Priebe. The story you will get later. 

We must have mikkel story finished. We think Mikkel in a census in 1916, Hejnsvig parish. By Laurine Larsen, housewife, born 04.april 1879 in Hejnsvig and their daughter Mary Kristensen, born 19.09.1914. 

Again in the census in 1921, still in Hejnsvig, however, has brought more children to:  

Ole Kristensen, born 05.03.1916, Harry Kristensen, born 24.01.1918, Anna Kristensen, born 03.01.1920, all are born in Hejnsvig. 

At the address is also mikkel mother, lodger aftægtkone, Anne Larsen, born Hansen - 01.08.1834. His father-in-law said Ole Larsen, but not to find here. 

The over Laurines food home Klink, who is approx. 30 td. Country, but something was bog then .. Mikkel running with milk beside it. Laurine was seamstress in her young days she had become a machine which she drew around with a cart. So some days she lived on farms and sewed. It was drøjt pulling around to the farms. There were far between and the sand was strictly pulling in. It told her of his 90th birthday. She also sewed for people in some years of his marriage. She could read the newspaper without glasses for the priest on his 90 years today.  

Mikkel was angry when he went out into the marsh, a 3-4 hours, then he steamed and then he was good again.  

Christmas Day brought together children and grandchildren in Klink. So got a couple of children, the children stuck a hymn-book in hand, so they had to sing to grandparents a couple of hours. So sad Laurine and Mikkel along in their chairs and listened to the children's song, it gave the much. 

Mikkel dies 02.04-1954 in Hejnsvig and Laurine dies 23.08.1970, 91 years old in Grindsted in nursing homes. I found the grave of Mikkel Hejnsvig cemetery online. I think never Mikkel came to America. 

Kristen Mathias Peder Kristensen, born 05.11.1881 in Uhre Kjær. Home baptized 02.04.1882 and produced in Church Fires 22.10.1882. 

In a census in 1890 we find him with Peter Albertsen and Else Marie Jensen in a house on Uhre Mark. There he is taking poor care and 9 years old. It also fits well enough. 

Kristen is married to Johanne Jensine Jensen, born 15.02.1879 in Hejnsvig church 09.09.1907. 

Kristen, we find again in a population census from 1916, Nørup parish. By Johanne Kristensen, housewife, born 15.02. 1879 and 4 children: 

Anders Peter Kristensen, born 17.12.1907 in ovre Moltke Berg, baptized in the church Vorbasse 12.01.1908, confirmed in April 1922 in Randbøl while he served in Hans Pedersen Poulsen in Bindeballe. 

Anna Kristine Kristensen, born 21.12.1909 in ovre Moltke Berg, baptized in Vorbasse kirke 06.02.1910.

Ejner Kristensen, born 1911.  

Marinus Kristensen, born 23.05.1914.  

Jens Peter Christensen, born 28.12.1916 in Great Lihme, Nørup. 01.03.1917 baptized in the home and manufactured in Nørup church 28.05.1917. 12.04.1931 confirmed in Randbøl.  

Ella Svejgaard Christensen, born 28.03.1919 in Great Lihme, Nørup. Christened 09.06.1919 in Nørup Church, confirmed in Randbøl 01.10.1933. Ella died 11.01.1956 in Vorbasse.  

Sigvald Svejgaard Kristensen, born 20.01.1921 in Great Lihme, Nørup. Christened 28.03.1921 in Nørup Church. 06.10.1935 confirmed in Randbøl. Sigvald died 02.05.1995 in Vorbasse.  

Kristen and John managed the BP service station in Vorbasse.

Kristen Mathias Kristensen Peder door 25.04.1963 at Vorbasse. Johanne dies 06.01.1966 at Vorbasse. I also believe that Kristen never came to America. 

Augustinus Kristensen, born 15.08.1885 - died 12.11.1891.

That must be him as 6 years old must obtain a bull or cow home from the field, but is killed by lightning. Then it could easily be done, so it to work when one was only 6 years.  

Kirsten Marie Kristensen, born 08.04.1883, christened 09.09.1886 in Skarrild Church. Married to Carl Thorvald Petersen, born 20.03.1882  

Carl Thorvald is a walk in New York in 1902 - Idkode: I0102P1907 - Contract 420300.Carl is chair maker.

Families migrate to Portland in 1904. But they apparently back.

In a tax mandtal list in 1918, we find Kirsten and Carl Thorvald, but also:  

Villy Thorvald Kristian Petersen, born 20.10.1903 in Strandgade 17 in Vejle.  

Charles Svejgaard Petersen, born 17.02.1905 in America. 

Mary Cecillie Petersen, born 09.02.1906 in America. 

Emmy Svejgaard Petersen, 01.04.1914 in Vejle. 

In 1925 the family lived in Korsgade 32, 1 sal tv, parents, but only daughters Mary and Emmy. Mary is textilarbejderske and the Emmy goes to school in Seligman School

-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------

Then there are Laurids Olesen Buch Christensen back, and he has never been in America. For Laurids I know a lot about.  

Laurids Skarrild baptized in church, 27.02.1886, 14.04.1901 are confirmed in the Brande church.

Laurids was the foster child of Abel Rasmussen and his family at the FT in 1890.

Abel Rasmussen came from Hvejsel Sogn, where he was born 29 November 1834 - son of farm copyholder and parish bailiff in Hvejsel, Rasmus Sørensen and Ane Johanne Jens Daughter.

Abels wife Birte Marie Madsen was born in Hvirring Sogn 6 March 1840 - daughter of farm copyholder Mads Pedersen Ørum in and Marie Kirstine Jens Daughter.

They bought the property in Langkjær in 1868, and Birte Marie died 18 August 1900, Abel sold the property and moved to a house in Hyvild where he died 20 December 1908.

Laurids being married to Margrete Pedersen, born 26.01.1886 in Hart, wedding will take place in Harte church25.01.1908.

Laurids and Margrete have 10 children:  

Valdemar Christensen, born 01.04.1908 - died 01.12.1964

Valdemar married Bertha Kirstine Henriksen Vilhelmine Lefevre, born 11.01.1914 in Smørum. They had son:

John Kurt Christensen, born 04.01.1939, christened Sct. Stephens parish Copenhagen  

Arthur Jensen Kristian Christensen, born 10.08.1909 - died 27.02.1983

Arthur married 15.12.1935 in Marie Church, Copenhagen, with Inger Johanne Ebba Schrøder Born 22.06.1913. They had the following children:  

Edmund died as a baby. 

Margit Christensen, born 06.09.1937 

Doris Bente Christensen, born 03.08.1940  

Elvira Seynøva Christensen, born 26.02.1911 - died 14.07.1985

Elvira was born in Brørup she married 14.06.1936 in Roskilde cathedral with Karl Frederik Klemp born 19.10.1911 in Silkeborg, died 26.08.1991. They had the following children: 

Leif Klemp, born 30.04.1938 in Copenhagen, christened 25.09.1938 in Sct. Jacobs Church in Copenhagen. 

Preben Klemp, born 04.05.1942 in Copenhagen.  

Edith Viola Christensen, born 27.02.1913 - died 28.04.1974

Edith was born in Krusbjerg Mill by Ølgod she married Holger Jensen born 03.03.1901, Holger was serious in Kirkerup cemetery for 40 years, they had the following children:

Aage Verner Jensen, born 10.12.1932 in Kirkerup 

Bent Kurt Jensen, born 12.01.1935 in Kirkerup 

Jens Jensen Benny, born 11.01.1940 in Kirkerup 

Margrethe Bente Jensen, born 14.04.1941 in Kirkerup 

Bjarne Poul Jensen, born 24.05.1944 in Kirkerup 

Holger Egon Jensen, born 28.03.1948 in Kirkerup  

Emmy Constance Christensen, born 25.10.1914 - died 04.02.1994

She married Carlo Gunner Madsen born 26.04.1913. They had the following children:  

Lykke Madsen, born 29.11.1935, died xx.07.1936.  

Erik Madsen, born 19.08.1939,  

Ebbe Torben Madsen,

Gudmund Ekhardt Christensen, twins, born 06.12.1916 - died 08.01.1963

Gudmund married Gudrun. They had the following children: 

Mogens Ekhardt Christensen, born 16.09.1944 in Fløng  

Ekhardt Jørgen Christensen, born 16.02.1946 in High Taastrup parish 

Verner Ekhardt Christensen, born 01.10.1949 in High Taastrup parish  

Gudrun Elise Christensen, twin, born 06.12.1916 - 29.01.1920  

Boege Verner Christensen, born 21.10.1918 - died 02.09.1980

Boege was born in Smoerum. He was married 24.10.1942 at Copenhagen Town Hall with Kamma Rosa Lilian Hansen, born 21.01.1922 in Taastrup, died 05.09.1998. They got together the following children:

Arne Boege Christensen, born 27.09.1942, christened 06.05.1943 in Hans Egede Church, died in 1944  

Alice Lilian Christensen, born 03.05.1944, christened 30.07.1944 in Hans Egede Church, died in March 1945  

Jan Arne Boege Christensen, born 18.12.1946. baptized 06.04.1947 at Blegdams Hospital, died 15.04.1947.  

Jan Christensen, born 08.10.1951 in Copenhagen  

Lena Christensen, born 24.05.1953 in Copenhagen

Vivi Christensen, born 03.05.1959 in Copenhagen

Gudrun Elise Valborg Christensen, born 22.03.1921 - died 19.11.1994

Gudrun is married to Evald Roland Rasmussen, they had the following children:

Kai Roland Rasmussen born 30.10.1941 in Hedehusene

Kurt Roland Rasmussen, born 06.10.1944 

Karin Roland Rasmussen, born 19.06.1946 

Kitty Roland Rasmussen, born 10.09.1947 

Johanne Margrethe Roland Rasmussen, born 12.12.1950 

Hans Laurits Roland Rasmussen, born 06.08.1954 

Lis Roland Rasmussen, born 02.03.1956, died 31.01.1998

Sylvia Ragnhild Christensen, born 10.04.1927-17.08.2007

Sylvia is married to Anders Kristian Olsen, born 27.03.1921 in Tune, christened 08.05.1921 in Tune church. They had the following children:  

Svend Kristian Olsen, born 04.03.1944  

Annie Kirsten Olsen, born 10.10.1951.  

Ole Laurits Olsen, born 20.04.1959.  

Ulla Lykke Olsen, born 16.09.1963.  

Ivan Preben Olsen, born 21.03.1965.

Laurids buying Hoeve Mill in 1944 and sold it again in 1958 and moving to the benefits of Roskilde.  

Yes there are not more children back, so there was hardly anyone went to America with his father, Jens Peder Kristensen. 

But wait a minute! Uncle Karl wrote is that Jens Peder went to America together with the housekeeper and the oldest of the children. I prefer to investigate whether he had children with her. But how do I know it when I do not even have the name of the housekeeper.  

Jens Peder sell the house in May 1890 and he was gone. But not so far away even. One evening as I sit and have gone really well, stuck in the investigation, I find in reading the Church book of Fires 1887 - 1891 at and what do I read during the baptism and parents.

All of a sudden pop widower Jens Peder Christensen, Vejle Ømkuller up and an unmarried 19-year girl Larsine Marie Pedersen of Skjærlund. Furthermore, says that the mother resided at 10 months on days Egebjerg Gaard in fires. There was born a girl, Ane Christine Christensen 5 July 1890. 

Curiously, said Jens Peders deceased wife Ane Christine and it's fairly easy to believe that it is the right Jens Peder writing about. The 19-year-old girl is probably housekeeper?  

On 5 April 1877 Jens Peder was married to Ane Kristine Sveigaard and 5 May the same year, Jens Peders sister Karen Kirstine Christensen devoted to Peter Hersleb Gandrup of Egebjerg in Skarrild. I can maybe use for anything. 

After Ane Kristine dying in 1888, I can imagine that Jens Peder has had his time in Egebjerg to visit his sister and I think the housekeeper then he has taken to America? 

Okay, Jens Peder's parents: Kristen Mathias Pedersen and Kirsten Marie Lauersdatter lived in Sønder Kærvej 15 fires from 02.06.1871 to 05.06.1878. So they sell to Peter Hersleb Gandrup, which therefore has become their son-in-law years before. 

Kristen Mathias Pedersen is 62 years old and Kirsten Marie Laurs Daughter is 58 years old. Kristen Mathias died on 17.06.1886 in Uhre Kjær, fires and Kirsten Marie died 20.12.1887 Uhre Mark. 

Approximately 3 km from there on Engebækvej 74 Fires living Larsine Marie's parents: Jens Kristian Pedersen and Johanne Larsen. 

Jens Peder and Marie Larsine get after daughter Ane Christine have two sons: Jens Christensen James born 07.03.1892 Bredballe Beach and baptized in Hornstrup Church 27.03.1892 and Christian Egebjerg Christensen born 21 October 1893 at Valore? But I can not find birth / baptizme data in the church records? 

There are looked after in the following: No Dalby, Higher, Church Skensved, Borup, Havdrup, Ejby, Dåstrup, Gadstrup, mica and the Church, seven who are parishes around Valore on Zealand. Church records of Copenhagen, I have almost given up to go through, at least not before I have really good time.  

Jens Peder and Larsine Marie and three children traveling to England, how I do not know, but from Liverpool travels further with SS Labrador to Quebec, arriving on 21 September 1894 or 1895.

-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------

Ane Christine Christensen died as a child before 1910, where I have not been able to find yet, but I might find out later. 

Jens Christensen James was around. 4 years old when he went with parents to America. He grew up in Maine and North Dakota until he settled in Yankton, South Dakota.  

He married 3 times. The first time with Mary Theresian Weisgerber in 1915, they had 3 children:

Jasper Francis Christensen, born 28.11.1916 in Yankton.

Zita Ann Marie Christensen DELORS Black Ford, born 12.10.1918.

DELORS Lorraine Christensen, born 29.12.1920 - 13.08.1924 she died ca. 3 ½ years old.  

The second time with Dora Netherlands, she died in 1938.  

Third time with Louise Sichmann, later that year. With her he got his daughter:
Sharon Christensen Hlvach, no data are exhausted, other than she married Melvin Hlvach and get kids Tammi and Tom.  

He was a blacksmith and worked for many years with his brother Chris.

After WNAX built a large radio tower he got the job of replacing the bulbs in the radio tower and triggering balloons and similar occasions.  

Jens James died 08.10.1968 and is buried in Yankton Cemetary.  

Christian Egebjerg Christensen was barely 2 years old when the family traveled from Denmark.

He was a blacksmith like Jens James and they worked together for many years.  

He married Alta C. Hackett 25.01.1915. They had 7 children:

Clarence E Christensen, born 25.10.1915 - died 15.05.1984.
Johnnie Peter Christensen, born 09.09.1918 - died 08.06.1985.

Myrtle Isabel Christensen, born 28.10.1921 - died 21.03.1945
Ethel Maxine Christensen Goede, born 20.10.1924.

Laura Mae Christensen Goede, born 15.12.1927.

Dorothy Jean Christensen Hudson Anderson, born 18.10.1930
Tommy L Christensen, born 15.01.1934. 

Of these children, I have spoken with Ethel, Tommy and Tommy's children.  

Larsine Marie Pedersen married Jens Peder Christensen 18 November 1895 in Portland ME.

The day after being born Henry Paul Christensen, 19 November 1895 in Portland.

He moved with his parents to Dakota.  

He married Ruth Gertrude Randall, 24.12.1919 and lived in St. Helena. They had 3 children:

Norma Maxine Christensen Lee, born 08.07.1920.
Donald Poul Christensen, born 26.02.1922.
Beulah Marie Christensen Carr, born 19.09.1924.  

Henry worked on building bridges, including one of Missouri at Yankton.
In 1930 the family moved to St. Charles and back to St. Helena in 1932. He took various jobs that suited him.
In 1936 he moved the family to Portland, where he lived the rest of his life.

He died of cancer and is buried at Willamette National Cemetary in Portland. He was a war veteran.  

Martin Axel (Jack) Christensen was born 19.06.1896 in West Falmuth and moved with the family to the Dakota in 1910. 

He was with the 1 World War, where he was exposed to shell shock and was gassed. It was his health problems throughout his life.
When he returned from the war he was married to Lillie Henrietta Garnsey 30.03.1927 at Methodist Church in Yankton. They had 5 children:

Joe Allen Christensen, born 24.01.1928.

Ida Rose Christensen Bartunek, born 12.03.1931.

Doris June Christensen Davis, born 30.06.1932.

Ray Martin Christensen, born 25.02.1934.

Mary Lillie Christensen, stillborn 05.11.1938.  

Martin worked as a butcher at Donaldson's Grocery Store and later at Cimple's Packing Co.. Who was the company which took over Donaldson's later.  

Jack's brother Harry married later with Lillie's sister, so that their children were double cousins.  

Jack died 09.08.1962 at The Veteran's Hospital in Sioux Falls and is buried in Yankton Cemetary beside his wife who died many years later.  

Elsie Sophie (RUTH) Christensen Widmer was born 26.07.1900 in Cumberland, and followed with the family to the Dakota in 1910. 

She married Pete Widmer and they lived in Huron, Pete worked for Standard Oil Co.. and they were transferred to Rapid City where they lived for many years.

Close to the Black Hills where they need to be hospitable to family and others. They were never any children, but had a little dog, Toy, which was their own sweetheart.

They came back to Huron in retirement. Ruth died of cancer in the spring of 1953 and is buried in Yankton Cemetary next to Pete, who died later. 

Harry Peter Christensen, born 14.07.1909 in Cumberland, the youngest in the group of Jens Peder Larsine and Marie's children. He was just a baby when the family moved to Dakota.  

He came to Yankton approx. 20 years old to visit his brothers.

It met and he married Flora Gladus Garnsey, 17.07.1929. They had 2 children together:
Gladus Melvina Christensen Carstensen, born 30.05.1930.
Annie Marie Christensen Schroeder Ault, born 06.10.1931. 

He was later 02.11.1946, married to Grace Collins and with her he got his daughter Judy Kay Christensen Rawhauser.

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